A film by Hannes M. Schalle about the world’s best known conductor Herbert von Karajan and his very personal legacy, the Salzburg Easter Festival. In 2017 the Easter Festival will be staging Richard Wagner’s opera “Valkyrie” as a reconstructed performance of its 1967 original. The film is going to be released during the Easter Festival 2017.

“KARAJAN - The Maestro And His Festival”



„One who has reached all of his goals has set them too low.”  

Herbert von Karajan (1908 - 1989 )

DVD and digital releases on
July 21 
by Sony Music  Entertainment


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Director & Writer: Hannes M. Schalle

Narrator: Senta Berger

Art Director & Film Editor: Stefan Resch

Camera: Thomas Schorn, Thomas Schweighofer

Executive Producer: Brigitte Wettstein

Production Management: Silvia Hofer

Producer: Hannes M. Schalle

Editor In Chief (3sat/ORF): Petra Gruber

Production Management (ORF): Rosemarie Prasek

Program Editor: Ursula Schirlbauer

Postproduction Supervisor: Guenther Mitterhuber

Narration Recording: Eberhard Weckerle

Sound Design & Mix: Martin Loecker


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Original Artwork by Schneider-Siemssen
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